Who We Are:

At Semillas Strategies we are more than a business, we are a ‘colectiva’ for young BIPOC professionals that have been working in social justice movements, developing and growing organizations, and/or running campaigns across the country. Together we bring a collective of highly knowledgeable and experienced skill sets to provide professional and technical support, innovation and strategy for other companies, businesses, nonprofits and philanthropy who are committed to serving BIPOC communities in their transformation and liberation.

Our Mission:

Semillas Strategies strives to ensure that progressive entities and campaigns are informed by real and authentic BIPOC knowledge and skills–grounded in real lived experiences as frontline communities. We believe that such an approach ensures strategy based on values and in alignment with the needs of BIPOC communities being served, organized, and activated. Since structural and systemic racism tend to hinder the development of strategies grounded in a race and equity lens, we work to provide companies, businesses, nonprofits and philanthropic organizations with professional and technical support, for innovating strategies for transformation and liberation by and for BIPOC communities.

Our ‘Theory of Change’

When BIPOC frontline professionals are part of the core development of strategy and innovation in campaigns and programs then BIPOC communities integrity, ingenuity is part of the structural and systematic social change that we aim to promote at all levels.